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Whether designing your building to meeting the current BREEAM standards, ensuring your building is constructed in the most sustainable methods or incorporating the best and most efficient sources of renewable energy Scurr Architects can provide all the assistance you require and guide you through the maze of alternative approaches and technical jargon.

Sustainability is the economic use of the world’s resources, which can be categorised into three groups as follows:

        •    Finite (minerals, fossil fuels)
        •    Indeterminate (Solar, wind and wave energy)
        •    Renewable (food, water, timber) - which need to be managed


The Built Environment consumes 45% of the energy consumed in the UK, followed closely by transport at 33%. As part of the UK construction industry we can address these issues by ensuring that the following aspects are carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manor without having an adverse affect on the environment:

        •    Specification of materials and products. (local and renewable)
        •    Methods of construction
        •    Maintenance
        •    Energy and water consumption
        •    Use (fulfil all the functions required by the user in a healthy and comfortable environment)
        •    Flexibility (ability to modify the building when circumstances change)

sustainable design

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